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A New Adventure in Teachers Pay Teachers

For as long as I can remember my favorite way to spend free time was to create. As a child I loved to make any craft I could get my hands on from latch hook rugs to woven potholders to cross stitched bibs. I would sew clothes for my dolls and make presents for family and friends. What I loved most about my hobbies was the fact that it allowed me to take simple materials and create something useful and beautiful. Yes, that lime green and orange potholder was beautiful in my 8 year old eyes.

After becoming an aunt and mother, I turned to sewing clothes for children as my creative outlet. And when Luke was old enough for preschool, I began to create educational tools and worksheets for him to work on at home. Most people don’t know this about me, but I am about 6 hours short of having my Master’s of Arts in Elementary Education. One day I hope to finish my degree, but for now, I use my teaching knowledge to teach and nurture my own kiddos.

A few months ago I was encouraged by my friend, Katie King, to look into creating items for Teachers Pay Teachers. I respect Katie so much as a teacher and blogger, but most of all she is a super mom to three sweet children. If she has time to create for Teachers Pay Teachers, surely I can find time too. As soon as I clicked on their web site, I was hooked. I absolutely adored all of the beautiful teaching materials available on there and knew I wanted to create them too.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 1.59.05 PM*Here’s my little corner of TPT! Please visit and leave me feedback!*

So, for the last couple of months, I’ve been slowly building up items in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I have SO much fun creating items and I love that I can use them to teach Luke the fundamentals he will need to succeed in kindergarten next year. If you are a teacher, I would love for you to check out my store here and leave me feedback so I can improve my products. I’m always looking for suggestions as well, so if you would like an educational item created, please let me know!

I just finished a big math pack that is great for kindergarten, but also works well for pre-k or 1st grade that is based on the Super Bowl! It was so much fun to create this football themed math pack. Here is a preview below and it’s on SALE this week for half price! Luke has had a lot of fun working with these math activities, so even if you aren’t a teacher, I promise your kids will love it!

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 2.03.38 PM

Sunday Scriptures + Snowpocalypse

Be Still and Know that I am God

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I had great intentions of taking a picture of my snowy backyard and putting this verse on it. However, it is just too dag on cold to even open my back door, so I found the lovely pic above during a quick Google search

This verse has proven to be full of truth the last few days for the Tamme family. During football season we are in a constant state of being busy, then we came home to Kentucky and jumped right in to the busyness of building our forever home. Then, snowpocalypse hit and we were forced to be still. It snowed for 30 hours straight and we couldn’t leave the house due to terrible road conditions. We made the most of it and played in the snow and watched lots of movies with kids. I think we were all ready for some downtime.

Luke and Lyla Snow 2016They loved the snow! Well, Luke loved it! Lyla enjoyed it, but refused to wear her mittens. I put them on her and she just said down and screamed “OFF” until I took them off of her hands. Needless to say, she didn’t last long without them.

Lyla Snow 2016Lyla Rae’s first time playing in the snow lasted all of about ten minutes. I think she may be more of a summer and swim baby than a winter and snow baby.

Luke Snow 2016Luke was determined to dig us out. Our driveway is 1/10th of a mile so he and his sand shovel didn’t make a dent! Hah! Thankfully, our sweet neighbor, Mr. Baker, came to our rescue and cleared our driveway *twice* with his John Deere tractor.

So for two days we were still due to the snow storm and then both kiddos got hit with the stomach bug.  First Lyla Rae and then Luke. They were both SO pitiful. So today, we continue to be still. Being stuck inside and camped out on the couch allows us to really focus on our family and be thankful for the health we do have. Every time one of us gets sick, it reminds me how much we need to rely on God. Yes, doctors, medicine, oils, or whatever else your go-to is for illness are all great, but He is the Great Physician and ultimately controls our health. Being still also reminds me to be more grateful for my health. You would think after my cancer diagnosis I would be more appreciative of my good days, but health is something you often take for granted until it’s gone.

I’m also enjoying the slowness of these days to get caught up on life and start blogging again. We will see how that goes!

Hope everyone is staying warm!


p.s. GO BRONCOS and GO CARDINALS! I have friends on both teams, so it’s an easy choice!