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Sunday Scriptures

Deuteronomy 4As a parent, I try to follow these verses diligently. Raising Christian children in today’s world is no easy task, but we must continue to follow the what the Bible says about teaching our children. Christian homes are where education about God begins and these verses are such a challenge to me to continually teach Luke and Lyla Rae about the gospel.

We are in the process of building our forever home and in the next few weeks the drywall will be going up (hopefully). Before that happens, Jacob and I decided we wanted to write God’s words on the door frames (and studs) of our future home. We tried to pick out verses and prayers that were meaningful to the purpose of each room. When both of our babies were born, we picked out a life verse for them, one that would be meaningful to them and help them grow in Him. I wrote Luke and Lyla Rae’s life verses on the door frames in their rooms. Luke’s is Psalm 37:4 and Lyla Rae’s is Matthew 5:16. The fruit of the spirit is now written on the studs in the kitchen and we also wrote prayers and other verses in around the house. We hope and pray that our future home will be full of love and will be the perfect place to raise our children to know and love the creator of all things.


Luke writing on the wallsLuke saw us writing on the walls and wanted to as well. I mean, we’ve told him his entire life “we only write on paper”, so of course he jumped at the idea of taking a sharpie to the studs! He wrote his name, but he mostly drew and scribbled. My favorite part about this picture is his little bottom covered in dirt. That is what he looks like most days and I know one day I will miss that!

So, technically it’s Monday now, but I’m leaving this post title as Sunday Scriptures. Monday Scriptures just doesn’t have the same ring to it! I hope y’all have a great start to the week!