30 in 30

As I mentioned in my first post, I’m trying to live more intentionally this year and savor the everyday. I often find myself just trying to survive the day and make it to bed time! I want to thrive. I want to accomplish more than just keep my kids alive and fed — although those two things are on the top of my to-do list each day! Hah! In order to achieve this, I created a to-do list for my 30th year.

There is no rhyme or reason to the order of the list. Some items are serious – “be cancer free”. And some are laughable – “learn how to french braid and curl my hair with a curling iron”. Yes, I’m 30 and I don’t know how to use a curling iron. Some items I will complete in a single day – “cook biscuits from scratch” and others I will be working on all year long – “read the entire Bible”. Some may sound ridiculous – “Learn everything there is to know about cows”, but I promise that one is important and you’ll find out why in a future post. Thankfully, I’ve already crossed off one item on my list — starting this blog. So thank you for reading and allowing me to complete the first item on my 30 in 30 list!

30 in 30 list


I’ve already been working towards completing a few of these items. I’ll be writing about my progress periodically, so check back often for updates to the list. I can’t wait to cross off more items, because the only thing I like more than making lists is crossing them off! I’m a recovering type A personality, can you tell?

Are you thriving this year or just surviving? I would love to hear your ideas on how we can thrive in 2015.


  1. Jessica Byers says:

    Love your list! You’ve got some awesome goals!

  2. Emily Jochim says:

    This is such a fun list!!!

  3. i’ve never read a blog before, but I am a fan of your hubby, and he posted about it so I signed up. FYI…I an from Indy and never wanted the divorce. NEVER! Today is torture for me. It’s either a win-win or a no-win…not sure. All I no is that I never wanted the divorce so now I live a tortured football life. Anyway, I love your list, and think your blog may help me as well!

    • Allie Rae says:

      Hi Kelly! Thanks for reading… I’m honored to be your first blog read! Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Great List! I too would love to plank 3min …;)
    Go Broncos!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I like the learn everything possible about cows—That would make you a “winner” in Mark and Samuel’s book. Haha! True Kentucky roots- They, too, live and breathe cows. I’ve learned a lot in the past 13 years being married to a farmer. 😉

    • Allie Rae says:

      I have a LOT to learn! Jacob was a livestock judge when he was younger so he can teach me some, but we may need to “phone a friend” with Mark! Hah!

  6. Iris ramirez says:

    I love that you started this blog!! Now I feel I can stay connected to you throughout the year!! Love you Sweet friend!!

  7. Great list!! I want to do a lot of those things as well!

    As I’m reading this, I’m sipping on juice #3 in my first day of a 3-day juice cleanse. I’ve used cLEAN CLEANSE twice now and I highly recommend them. They’re based out of Longmont and their site is naturualcleancleanse.com.

    • Allie Rae says:

      Hi Hannah! I must say, the juice cleanse scares me a little because I like to eat! Hah! Thinking about doing it in early March… I’ll check out that company! Thanks for the info!