Bitty Baby Matching Pj’s for a Steal

Lyla received her first American Girl doll for her first birthday back in August. We took her to the American Girl store and she got to pick out her Bitty Baby. She I had SO much fun shopping there. Everything was so girly and fun. It was magical! Until… I started looking at the price tags. Yikes!

IMG_0613I had planned on buying Lyla and her new baby a matching set of pj’s, but the smallest size they make is a 3. Bummer. Jacob was thrilled they didn’t make any small enough to fit her, but I was disappointed. I began my search on Pinterest to find a pattern to make my own matching set, and that’s when it hit me… I bet Bitty Baby can wear preemie sized baby clothes.

I went straight to Carter’, pulled up their sizing charts and started measuring our Bitty Baby. Sure enough, the sizes lined up! Hallelujah! I ordered a matching set of pj’s for Lyla and Baby and waited patiently for them to arrive in the mail. We tried them on last week and they are a *perfect* fit! I mean, it’s like they were made for a Bitty Baby to wear.

IMG_1785Seriously, why isn’t this fact plastered ALL over Pinterest! Not only are there dozens more options for matching pj’s, but the price can’t be beat. At American Girl a matching set costs $64 and I purchased our set at Carter’s for $16. That’s a whopping 75% savings! You can buy your matching set here. They go up to size 12, so girls of all ages can match their babies!

IMG_1781Of course, they don’t have the detailing like the American Girl set has and they obviously don’t have the Bitty Baby tag sewn in them, but Lyla doesn’t seem to mind. And, she will out grow these before Spring and I won’t cry my eyes out over a $64 set of pj’s that no longer fit.

IMG_1784Santa will be delivering this sweet set to her on Christmas morning. Thankfully, she’s too young for the surprise to be ruined by trying them on early.

Carters vs. AG


  1. Too Sweet!!!!!

  2. Monica Davis says:

    I got a matching pair for Naty (secret) at Kohl’s for $14

  3. jessica byers says:

    yes! our bitty babies wear preemie clothes all the time! way cheaper!

  4. Aunt,Sally says:

    Maybe Andrea can do something similar for Lucy and Grace?

  5. Too cute! Love this idea!

  6. Pretty cool idea!!