Hair Bow Pre-Sale Round 2

Hey y’all! I’m finally ready to open up for another bow pre-sale! I’ve reduced the amount of colors this time in order to make it a little less crazy, so be sure to check out the color chart on THIS post. If you are needing another color, please ask! I can’t offer loads of color choices for everyone, but there’s a good chance I can accommodate a few special requests! Also, I’m offering some seasonal ribbon options this time and these bows will only be available in the large size.

Hair Bow Pre-Sale
– All bows are handmade by yours truly.
– Bows will begin shipping/ready for pick-up in three weeks.
– Each order has a $5 flat rate shipping charge, local orders can be picked-up.
– Bows are secured with elastic AND needle and thread.
– Since each bow is handmade, sizes are approximate.
– See below for size comparison photos to determine which size you need to order.

How to order:
View the color chart and bow option chart below. Then e-mail me at with your order. Please include bow type(s), color(s), number of bow(s), if you want them shipped, and your Paypal e-mail address. Local (Danville) people have the option to pick-up instead of shipping. I will plan pick-up dates closer to the 3 week turn around time. You will then receive an invoice and I will begin to work on your order. All invoices must be paid within 48 hours or your order will be cancelled. Orders with Valentine’s bows will be made and be shipped/ready for pick-up first. Pre-order will close Tuesday at Midnight.

The five seasonal options above are only available in size large.

Here is a comparison picture to help you judge the size of the bows. If you want to more comparison photos, check out this blog post here.

Bow Presale

Hair Bow Pre-Sale

Before I had babies (that feels like a lifetime ago), I had a small (read: teeny tiny) online business called Allie Rae’s Boutique. I’ve always loved to make things and thought an online business would be perfect for our busy lifestyle and it was… for a while. After going back to school and having babies, I let it drop to the wayside and just created things for friends and family. The main thing I sold through my online store was hair bows. I LOVE bows! Little girls (and big girls) NEED bows in their hair. They just do. Bows are cute, they can make bed head look great in a flash and they are a necessity… at least in our house anyway.

When we lived in Denver, hardly anyone ever wore bows, so I’m pretty sure it’s a southern thing. Everyone always commented on Lyla Rae’s bows when we lived there. Not because they were anything over-the-top, but just that she was wearing one. As soon as we moved to Atlanta all the little girls wore them and we were back to just another little girl. Instead of *the* girl in the *bow*. Hah!

I’ve had a few people ask about ordering and after much thought, I’ve decided to do a bow pre-sale! Ahhh… Pretty sure I’ve lost my mind, but here goes nothing.

Hair Bow Pre-Sale
– All bows are handmade by yours truly.
– Bows will begin shipping in three weeks.
– Each order has a $5 flat rate shipping charge.
– Bows are secured with elastic AND needle and thread.
– Since each bow is handmade, sizes are approximate.
– See below for size comparison photos to determine which size you need to order.

How to order:
View the color chart and bow option chart below. Then e-mail me at with your order. Please include bow type(s), color(s), number of bow(s) and your Paypal e-mail address. You will then receive an invoice and I will begin to work on your order. All invoices must be paid within 48 hours or your order will be cancelled. Since, this is my first pre-sale, I will be cutting it off after the first 25 orders (not bows, but orders). Another order will open back up after this round ships.


Bow Presale options

Bow Colors for Presale

Here are a few comparison pictures to help you judge the size of the bows.

Bow Presale

IMG_5711This is Lyla Rae in the mini bow. She is 2 years old and is 36″ tall.

IMG_2946Here she is in the large bow. This is the size she wears daily.

IMG_5723This is the XL bow. We wear these for special occasions or if we are feeling especially sassy!

IMG_5713This is the large bow clipped onto the headband. Isn’t this style cute? I haven’t really tried these on her yet, but I think we may start!

IMG_4527This is my niece Lucy and nephew Sam. For some reason Sam doesn’t like wearing my bows? Lucy is wearing one of my mega bows in shocking pink. She is 6 years old and is 48″ tall.

IMG_3422And for the grand finale: Here is yours truly modeling the cheer bow. Don’t all cheerleaders have stray gray hairs and wrinkles these days?!?

Again, to order e-mail me your bow color(s), bow type(s) and Paypal address to

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hello there! I’m back!

After nearly three months of being absent from my blog, I had to check in and share a new, FREE product I just added to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. My son, Luke, starts kindergarten in 10 days and he has asked 1.3 million times when he gets to go. I love that he is SO excited and wanted him to have the excitement of a countdown. So, I created this free, cute paper chain countdown for the back to school season. It starts at “10 days until school”, but you can obviously only use 5 days (or 3 or 8) if you start school sooner than that.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 10.22.14 PMClick here to download it for FREE!

I whipped this up today, so we had to put it together and immediately take off one chain. Hah!

IMG_5535Can you tell that it was a “you can choose what you wear day”? Hah! Still cannot believe I let him get that shirt. It has not and hopefully will never be worn in public.

IMG_5537Only 9 more days until my baby starts kindergarten. Bring on the tissues!

I have LOTS of new ideas for Teachers Pay Teachers products and my hope is that once we get in a school/football routine I will have more time to work on them. And in case you are wondering why I haven’t blogged this summer, well let’s just say we’ve been crazy busy! If you follow me on instagram you are in the know, but in the past two months, we’ve: spent a week at the beach, visited three foreign countries, flew to LA and back in 22 hours (pure madness, but FUN!), finished our forever house, sold our current house, taught VBS, hosted our annual charity golf tournament, moved to our forever house and two days later moved back to Atlanta. Shoo! Oh, and now it’s training camp time, which honestly feels like a break compared to our summer schedule.

Hope y’all have had a great summer! It’s good to be back on the blog train! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photos of our summer:


Have a Ball this Summer! Free End of Year Gift Tag Printable

Luke’s last day of preschool is Wednesday and he wanted (ok, I wanted him) to give each of his friends a small gift to kick off the summer. We were in Kentucky for Valentine’s Day, so he didn’t get to give out Valentine’s and this is just a small way to say “thanks for being my friend”. I scoured Pinterest to find the cutest ideas and you can see my post here on 12 End of Year Classmate Gift FREE Printables. 12 EOY gift printablesI took Luke to the Dollar Tree to pick out a little something to give each of his friends. He first wanted to give them m&m’s, but I shot that down quickly. We try not to give out too much candy and I know the teachers wouldn’t appreciate any extra sugar on the last day. After going up and down every aisle, he finally decided to give splash balls.

IMG_9151There are 16 friends in Luke’s class, so we purchased 16 splash ball sets. They come in a pack of two, but to cut costs you could easily place one splash ball in a baggie and attach the tag to the baggie. I think kids would be thrilled with one ball and never know that there were two in the original pack.

IMG_9153We came home and I whipped up some cute tags to cover the ugly Dollar Tree tag and ta-da… his end of year gifts were finished! Start to finish it took less than 30 minutes to cut and attach all 16 tags. (And that was with the help of two littles!)


I ended up taping the tags to the splash ball packaging, but you could also use double-sided tape or staples to attach it.

Here is Luke with his little $1 end of school year gift. He couldn’t be more excited to hand these out next week!


You can download these FREE gift tags by clicking the link below.
Have a Ball Gift Tags

Let me know if you use these for your kiddos classmate gifts. They would also be perfect for teachers to give their students as well!

Happy (almost) summer!


12 End of the Year Classmate Gift FREE Printables

12 EOY gift printablesIt’s that time of year again – the temps are rising, the students are crazy and the teachers are… crazier! Hah! Luke’s school year and preschool career are coming to a close next week with his graduation on Wednesday night. Since the kiddos in Luke’s class are going to be attending several different elementary schools next year, he won’t be seeing many of them as much as he would like. To curb the sad thoughts of friends parting, we decided it would be great to give each of them a little gift for the summer. He wanted to give everyone gum and legos. I wanted to give everyone something cheap that wasn’t candy. (Spoiler alert: I won that battle.)

After a quick Pinterest search I found several cute ideas. Here are my favorite end of the year gift ideas with FREE printables and the best part is they can all be found for $1 or less!

graduation_goldfish_snack_smThis goldfish themed gift tag from Party Bluprints is a great way to gift a snack without giving students a sugar high.

stars gift tagsAlisha from The Bubbly Blonde Teacher actually created these as a 1st day of school gift, but I think they would be great as a last day gift as well. Just print the stars, cut and attach a glow stick. So easy, so cute, SO cheap!

pop-rocks-singleThese are a candy gift, which I don’t love to give, but it is so darn cute I just had to include it! Christy from Eleven Magnolia Lane created these cute printables to go with Pop Rocks she purchased at the Dollar Tree. See, everyone loves the Dollar Tree!

Wanderful gift tagI’ve seen these bubble wands at Walmart, Target and the Dollar Tree. You can usually get a pack of 6 for $5 or less, which makes each gift less than a buck! You can’t beat that! Stacy at She’s Kinda Crafty created some adorable tags that say “Thanks for being a WAND-erful friend this year!” All you need to do is print, cut and tie them to the bubbles!

Class-Ring-end-of-the-year-Party-Favor-by-lidia-barbosa-at-kinder-alphabet-500x482Ok, I’ve seen LOTS of gift ideas floating around the internet, but I have never seen this one! How cute are these “class rings”? You can find these FREE printable tags from Kinder Alphabet!

End-of-School-Year-IdeaLandee is a new-to-me blogger and I LOVE everything on her blog! Hoping to not waste my entire Saturday perusing her site. Her daughter gave out sidewalk chalk for her end of school year gifts. Aren’t they cute? You can find a big box of these at Walmart and just split them up among the kids in the class.

bm-image-791365Seriously, these are SO adorable! You can find cheap sunglasses at the Target Dollar Spot or the Dollar Tree. You can also find them in small sets in the party section at some stores. You can find the FREE printable tags to attach on the Lesson with Laughter blog.

krazykoolThese gifts may cost slight more than $1 each because the cups will more than likely be $1 and then you have to add in the cost of the Kool-Aid. We don’t drink Kool-Aid at our house, so if I did these gifts, I would probably just attach a fun crazy straw. It would also be much cheaper that way as well. You can find the FREE tag at A Cupcake for the Teacher.

easy-end-of-year-student-gift-free-printable-love-this-so-much1What kid doesn’t love a frisbee? Just print, cut and tape these FREE printable tags to each frisbee and your cheap, easy gift is complete!

get-a-free-printable-that-to-put-on-a-jump-rope-give-as-an-end-of-the-school-year-gift-to-friendsLuke can’t really jump rope yet, but he loves to use his in pretend play as a lasso. You can find jump ropes at the Dollar Tree and just staple on these cute tags from Our Thrifty Ideas.

photo 9These are adorable CHEAP gifts that all students will love! The FREE printable tags can be found at First Grade Fairytales.

IMG_3724And last but not least, here is what Luke will be giving his class next week. We found these splash balls at where else but the Dollar Store. They come in a pack of two, but they can easily be split up and placed in a sandwich bag to make each gift only 50 cents. You can find the FREE printable tags I created here.

Do your kiddos give out or receive end of school year gifts? If so, what has been some of your favorites?



30 in 30 Results

Well, if you were to give me a grade on my 30 in 30 list, you would have to give me a big, fat F! Whomp, whomp! I set the bar high, I jumped to reach it and then did a face plant, metaphorically speaking. But, even with a failing grade on my list, I had a wonderful year as a 30 year old! Here’s what the list looks like today:

30 in 30 list

15 and 2/3 out of 30 isn’t too bad, right? Hah! My prideful self is having a hard time admitting I failed at my list, but I’m excited to keep working to finish it as a 31 year old! I have a few of these items already in progress and I’ll keep posting as I finish them! Thanks for following me on my journey. This list was my main reason for starting this little ole blog and I’m so thankful that I did!

Free Teacher Gift Printable + Maple Glazed Donut Recipe

Smart Cookie Free Teacher Gift printableOn Thursday, we met Luke’s new preschool teachers and since first impressions always count I wanted him to take them a sweet little gift. We decided to give them cookies in a jar, because who doesn’t LOVE cookies? We used Bakerella’s Cowboy Cookie recipe (we left out the nuts because he goes to a nut free school) and packaged it in a quart sized mason jar.

Smart Cookie Free Teacher Gift Printable

I created a printable that reads “I’ll be one smart cookie with you as my teacher” and attached it to the front along with some ribbon with double sided tape. I used a border from “Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists”, which is funny because all three of those things consume my life right now! The baking instructions for the cookies are also included in the file and fit perfectly on the lid. This was by total accident. I actually designed the directions to be attached to the back of the jar, but since it was a perfect fit, I attached it to the lid with double sided tape too.


To download the Smart Cookie labels click here.

Free Smart Cookie Teacher Gift Printable

These are so easy and quick to put together and perfect for kiddos to help with as well. Luke’s job was to use a pastry tool to pack the each layer down. Of course, we had to keep remeasuring the m&m’s because my little helper kept eating them.

While the kids were playing, I snuck out to the front porch to photograph the cookie jars. About halfway through taking the pictures I looked up and saw this…

IMG_0922My girl is *never* far from her mama. At times it is tough because she wants to constantly be held, but I know that this time is short and I almost always oblige. Some say she is spoiled, but I like it that way!

IMG_2336I posted this photo on my social media accounts yesterday and got lots of questions about how these were made. I’m happy to tell you they are super easy and probably one of the most delicious things I’ve ever made.


I made a big mistake and bought the 5 count can of biscuits instead of 8. My jeans are thanking me, but my taste buds were pretty ticked off! Hah! Here are two of the five beauties after being dropped in the frying oil.

Easy 15-Minute Maple Bars
Recipe from Butter with a Side of Bread

  • 1 8-count can refrigerated biscuit dough (I used Pillsbury Grand Homestyle Buttermilk biscuits)
  • 2 cups canola oil, for frying
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 3 TBSP milk
  • 1 TBSP corn syrup
  • 2 tsp maple extract
  • 2 cups powdered sugar

Pour 2 cups of canola oil into a medium sized saucepan and begin heating on medium-low heat (I set mine at 4.)

Open the biscuit dough and separate. Gently stretch the biscuits into an oblong shape, as opposed to the round shape they come in.

In a small saucepan, combine butter and brown sugar. Whisk in milk and heat for about 5 minutes on medium heat, stirring often, until butter is melted and sugar is dissolved.

Remove from heat and add in corn syrup and maple extract. Add in powdered sugar 1/2 cup at a time, whisking until smooth between additions. Add 1-2 tsp more milk if necessary. Glaze will begin to harden if you leave it sitting- which is what you want! Once all powdered sugar is added, keep maple glaze warm on the stove, whisking occasionally.

Check the temperature of the oil using a meat thermometer- it needs to read 350 degrees F. Increase heat gradually if necessary.

Once oil is ready, drop bars in 2 at a time. Let cook for about 2 minutes, then turn and cook an additional 2 minutes on the other side. This process of cooking the doughnuts goes very fast, so have a paper towel covered plate ready to set the bars on when cooked. Bars should be a nice golden brown.

Let bars cool for a few minutes, then whisk the glaze to make sure it’s smooth enough to dip each bar. Dip the bar, then immediately turn glaze side up on a cooling rack.

*We rolled two of the donuts in a cinnamon sugar mix to have a variety of donut flavors*

Repeat this process until all bars are fried and glazed.

They’re best eaten within an hour, but even the next morning they’re amazing!

IMG_2327I cannot attest to how long these stay fresh because we inhaled them with in minutes. However, we did have leftover maple icing and we used it as a dip for sliced apples… amazing!

Back to School Prep + Printables

Lately my social media accounts are flooded with adorable photos of kids holding perfectly lettered chalkboard signs declaring it was their first day of school. I knew I needed up up my “sign game” when I saw how lame mine have been in years past compared to what the super moms were creating this year.


See? Black font on white paper – boring! And can we talk about how little Luke was here? This was two years ago and I thought he was SO big then… oh my!

Handlettering on chalkboards is so trendy and completely first day of school themed, however, there’s one major problem… I have ZERO skill when it comes to writing on a chalkboard. As in, it looks like Luke did it. I have relatively decent handwriting on paper, but when you hand me a piece of chalk it looks like I was blindfolded and just completed a dizzy bat race. It doesn’t help that my best friend has *the* most gorgeous chalkboard in her kitchen that looks like it belongs on Pinterest every single time I see it!

chalkboard hand lettering

photo by: @marketplacegray

Gorgeous, right? I mean, how I compete with that? 

Well, I can’t. Those who can’t handletter on a chalkboard create a digital chalkboard.

I’ve been dabbling in graphic design lately by creating lots of printables that I’ll share in the future and I came up with the perfect sign for Luke. His is actually personalized with the name of his school and starting date, but I also made a plain one for you to download here.

1st Day of Preschool Printable

I also found this adorable 1st day of preschool interview. You can print your own interview here. Don’t worry if your child isn’t in preschool. There’s interviews for pre-k through 12th grade. It was fun to hear Luke’s responses to each question and will be a great keepsake to look back on when he is grown. Some answers were sweet and some made me laugh. I hope to do a similar interview each year to see what changes.

First Day of Preschool Interview

We met his teacher yesterday and got to visit his new classroom. It’s hard to believe he is getting so big! I can’t even think about kindergarten next year… I’m going to need counseling!

Luke at Preschool Open House

Stop back by tomorrow for a free teacher’s gift printable that can be used anytime throughout the school year!

Zoo Atlanta Trip + Free Zoo Passport Printable

Free Zoo Printable

Luke is currently obsessed with animals and we basically have the show Wild Kratts on a loop at our house. Our days consist of pretending that Lyla is a baby (insert animal of the day) and that Luke and I are Martin and Chris Kratts. If you have a preschooler in your house, I’m sure you feel my pain excitement. It’s actually a really great show that has taught Luke SO much about animals. Jake and I have learned a lot as well!

When we lived in Denver, we had an annual pass to the Denver Zoo and went several times per year. Since we’ve moved to Atlanta Luke has been begging to go to the zoo here and I obliged last week. I actually love the zoo too! It’s such an awesome teaching environment and a great way to enjoy a summer day.

To make our trip a little more exciting, I wanted Luke to have a scavenger hunt of sorts at the zoo to make sure we found all of his favorite animals. Of course, I searched on Pinterest and found several zoo scavenger hunts and zoo passports, but most of them involved coloring. My sweet Luke loves to draw, but coloring is just not his thing. After I exhausted my search, I knew I would just need to make our own. So I did!

I incorporated his love for Wild Kratts by including creature power discs for each of his favorite animals. Eric over at My Little Corner is crazy talented and created over 70 different creature power discs that are FREE to download. Free is a great price, so I immediately tweeted him to see if I could use them for a project. He agreed and Luke and I got started selecting 14 of his favorite discs to include in our zoo passport.

IMG_0852Here he is at the entrance to Zoo Atlanta with his Zoo Passport. He was proud as punch! I wish I would’ve punched a hole in the corner and clipped a lanyard to it so he I didn’t have to carry it around all day. There’s always next time!

IMG_0857He had so much fun finding all of his favorite animals and checking them off in his passport. I forgot to bring a crayon with us, so we ended up using a felt tip pen that was in the bottom of the diaper bag. We ALL ended up with ink on us! Next time, I think I will buy some stickers to place in the boxes instead.

IMG_0870Lyla enjoyed the zoo too! And no, she didn’t wear shoes. We lost one of her white sandals that night before and I was just too vain to put red sandals on her feet with this outfit. I would have NEVER let Luke go barefoot at the zoo at this age, but with the second kid, all care goes out the window and we just “make do”. She didn’t seem to care and she came home unscathed, so all is well. I have a new pair of sandals on their way to us from a BST Facebook page so she will only be barefoot for a few more days. Hah!

If you would like to make your own zoo passport like Luke’s please download the files below:

Zoo Passport Page 1
Zoo Passport Page 2
Zoo Passport Page 3
Zoo Passport Page 4

Print the four files on the front and back of two sheets of card stock. (You can use regular printer paper too.) Cut each page in half horizontally, then fold the pages in half. Place all of the folded “animal” pages inside the cover page and staple along the seam.

I hope you enjoy your Zoo Passport and please let me know if you use it on your next zoo visit!

Lyla’s Pink Lemonade Stand Party

Before Lyla was even born, I began planning her first birthday party. I know, I’m crazy! But, I love party planning and have a serious Pinterest addiction. So, naturally when I had pregnancy insomnia during my third trimester, I started planning her party. I will let the pictures do most of the talking, but we had SO much fun celebrating our sweet girl at her “Lyla’s Pink Lemonade Stand Party”!

MINUTEMAN lyla_invite

The first introduction to every party is the invitation. I always love photo invitations and when I saw this design on Etsy from Abby Reese Design, I knew it was the one. This company was excellent to work with and she even included free favor tags. She has some absolutely adorable custom party printables in her shop.


The cake table is always one of my favorite parts of any party, because well… I love cake! My dad custom made her mini lemonade stand and my friend, Kelly of Marketplace Gray, added the vinyl lettering. Her cake was chocolate and strawberry with buttercream icing and made by Anita Bertram. Everyone raved about the cake! Her cakes are always equal parts adorable and delicious.

IMG_0360This was the best family photo we could get on the day of her party. She was a wiggle worm with all of the excitement! I just noticed we are all barefoot. I guess that makes us true Kentuckians. Hah!

IMG_0326We’ve been having a “no gift” party for Luke for a few years and honestly, no one really misses the presents. I always felt silly opening gifts while a crowd watched and Luke’s first birthday party present opening was just painful. Jacob and I were trying to wrangle him and thank everyone for the gifts while everyone watching was just bored out of their minds. I mean does anyone other than the grandparents actually enjoy watching a one year old open presents at the speed of snail for an hour? Ummm NO! So, for Lyla’s party instead of “no gifts” we decided to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. This foundation supports childhood cancer research and is a four star rated charity. Lyla’s generous party guests helped her raise $680 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. If you would like to register your birthday party to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, please visit this site.

IMG_0382The strawberry lemonade was the HIT of the party. I must say, it was amazing! And it should’ve been, because my parents helped me juice 38 lemons the night before the party to make it! Let’s just say my kitchen smelled amazing! Y’all the stuff you buy in the store doesn’t hold a candle to this sweet nectar of a drink. I even saved a bottle of it in the back of the fridge so I could enjoy it in peace after the party. We quadrupled the recipe, but if you want to make your own small batch, the recipe can be found here.

And now for the food… the recipes can be found by clicking the link below each picture.


Ham & Cheese Sliders
These are actually called Funeral Sandwiches. That sounded a little to morbid for my little one’s first birthday, so I renamed them. They are delicious and one of my go-to’s for tailgates.

IMG_0376Glazed Kielbasa & Pineapple Bites
These little yummy appetizers were snatched up so quickly I only ate one, but oh my! They are delicious! I will certainly be making them again soon.


Pasta Salad & Bacon Cheddar Dip (aka: Crack Dip)

IMG_0436Lyla wasn’t so sure about everyone staring at her and singing, so she started to cry. Once she got to dig into her cake, her frown turned upside down. The girl loves to eat!


The party favors were Chex Lemon Buddies with thank you tags from Abby Reese Design.

IMG_0432Outfit: Matilda Jane Little Lemon Bubble


This birthday board was a huge headache the day of the party! They lady I purchased it from on etsy was a week late getting me the file and she finally sent it at 6am the morning of the party. My precious mother-in-law went to Walmart for two hours to try to download and print the poster. Can you imagine two hours in Walmart? Oh my word. Very thankful for her patience because I loved the poster and all of the sweet details it included about our one year old baby girl. I’m not going to list the vendor because I can’t recommend her, but there are lots to choose from on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Lyla’s Pink Lemonade Stand Party! If anyone has any cute theme ideas for next year, please leave me a comment. You know I’m already on the hunt for the perfect theme!