Have you packed a shoebox?

OCC LogoOne of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions is packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Yes, it is for Christmas, but the boxes must be prepped in advance, so  it has become a Thanksgiving tradition for our family. In fact, this week is the National Collection Week for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. I would love to challenge you to pack a shoebox if you haven’t already. These boxes go to children all over the world. Most have NEVER received a gift before and they are receiving an entire box full of goodies just for them. They are not just getting a box of “stuff”; they are receiving the love of Christ. Isn’t that amazing?

If you aren’t convinced that you should pack a box, watch the video below! I promise it will bring tears to your eyes to see the joy that a simple box can bring a child, a family, a village.

We packed our shoe boxes and delivered them to our church this morning.


Luke and Lyla with their OCC boxes


Lyla was very interested in what was in the box!

So, your challenge today is: Go get a box! Any shoebox will do. Then, come back tomorrow and I will show you exactly what we packed in our shoeboxes and why we packed those items.


  1. Aunt Sally says:

    The UMC in Beaufort SC has a pack a shoe box day, held on Saturday, November 14. Friday volunteers set up 6 tables for each age group and gender. On each table was notebook, coloring book, pencil sets, or crayons, comb, toothbrush, toothpastes, tshirt, you…Volunteers, made boxes, labeled boxes, filled boxes, placed in cardboard boxes for shipment to North Carolina. In church on Sunday preacher announced that 3,300 boxes were packed. Woo hoo, lots of fun and we were fed lunch.

    • That’s awesome, Anne! Did you know mom and dad are going to volunteer at the distribution center in NC? They might get to process your boxes! Fun!