I’m not trying to make memories…

We’ve had several people make comments about why we shouldn’t take our very young children to Disney World and “waste all that money on something they won’t remember.” One lady even told Jacob on our first night at Disney, that Lyla doesn’t even know where she is. Well, she was right. She doesn’t know where she is and she won’t remember a single thing about our trip last week. But, we didn’t take our kids to Disney in the hopes that they would reminisce about the trip when they are 30 years old. We took them so they would enjoy it and for them to experience the magic. I could care less if they have memories of our trip; I simply wanted them to have fun! We aren’t in the business of making memories we are in the business of creating experiences. If they remember them, great! If not, that’s ok too.

There’s a big debate on the internet about what the best age is to take a child to Disney. I think the best age to take them is whenever the parents want! Hah! In all seriousness, I think that you should at least consider taking your child to Disney before their magic runs out. Right now, Luke thinks that Mickey is really Mickey. And when he met Anna from Frozen, he really thought that she had just travelled from Arendale. That is magic. Because for me, I knew that Anna was just a college chick from Kissimmee that needed a part time job. There’s no magic in that! But, oh, it was magical for me to see Luke’s face when he met her!


See his little face? So animated! He asked her all about Olaf and Sven!

Some friends of ours asked us this weekend how we knew we were ready to have kids. We responded with, “We weren’t.” Hah! I’m not sure anyone is ever ready to raise a new, little human, but what a joy it is to have that privilege. I feel the same way about Disney World. If you wait until your kids are potty trained or wait until they can walk the whole time or wait until they remember it, they will soon be grown and not want to go at all. And when you, as parents, finally feel like you’re ready to take your kids it will be too late.

So, now that you know how I feel on that subject… on to our trip recap!


This was our third trip to Disney with Luke, but our first time to take him to EPCOT. I was a little worried that he wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the other parks, but boy was I wrong! There was SO much for him to do. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Spaceship Earth looks like a giant golf ball, which is right up Luke’s (and Jacob’s) alley!


My parents with Luke at the aquarium

Unbeknownst to me, there is an excellent aquarium in EPCOT. We spent nearly an hour looking at the dolphins, sharks, stingrays and fish. We didn’t see everything the park had to offer because we took our time letting Luke play and just enjoy!


Luke is currently transitioning out of a nap (which makes me sad on so many levels) but apparently EPCOT wore him out! He fell asleep on top of Jacob’s shoulders while waiting to ride Soarin’. I was in the lobby area waiting with Lyla, so I didn’t see this happen in person, but the picture completely cracks me up!


In our opinion, one of the best upgrades to the Disney Parks in the last few years has been the addition of Starbucks! Can you see the excitement in Jacob’s face? Hah! Only two of those drinks are his… he said he needed an afternoon pick-me-up!


I got a few looks when I was walking around EPCOT like this. But, hey, when baby girl needs to eat and your son really wants to meet Duffy the Disney bear, you just got to make it work! We were all laughing about the situation and so my dad dared Jacob to see if he could feed her and walk at the same time. Of course, Jake accepted the challenge…


Right now, our favorite park is the Magic Kingdom, so we spent two of our three park days there. Luke was finally tall enough to ride the “big kid” rides and boy was he excited! He loved the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Splash Mountain. We felt like it was sort of a rite of passage when he rode Splash Mountain… our sweet baby is now a big kid!


We celebrated Luke’s 4th birthday one month early! I love parties, so we celebrate multiple times!

We celebrated Luke’s 4th birthday Disney style with dinner at Be Our Guest. We had them bring out a small cake and I brought a “4” candle from Walmart to stick in it! Disney’s personalized cakes can get really expensive, but they allow you to bring in anything you like to decorate their plain celebration cakes!

I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love Disney World! Jacob doesn’t share the same sentiment, but he doesn’t hate it and he really loves seeing Luke and Lyla enjoy the magic. We spent four nights at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and I really wish we would’ve spent one more night. Of course, I probably could’ve stayed a week and had the same thought when I left!

Luke was a little sad to leave, but I reminded him as we left the hotel – “It’s not goodbye. It’s see ya later!”


  1. Oh gosh!!! You had some odd comments, haha!! I love your spirit and I loved your post about your marathon!!! Whatever fun thing you want to do with your kids is yours and your husband’s business!!!! It’s fu to read your posts, but good grief getting comments about what you should and shouldn’t do with your kids had to be kind of annoying, lol!! This post is awesome, though!! Haha blessings!!!!!

  2. Oh, that is such a fantastic way of looking at Disney and parenting in general! And I love that Lilly dress — I bought my mom a scarf in that pattern for Christmas and have wished ever since that I’d gotten myself one as well… 😉

  3. Aunt Sally says:

    Allison I so enjoy reading your blog on life as a parent, and the events good and bad with two young children! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kandi Stephens says:

    TOTALLY about the MAGIC! Macauley is going in less than 2 weeks to have breakfast with Minnie! She LOVES Minnie. Her mommie (LIndsey) wants to capture this MAGIC for her while she believes! MOMMIE’S like you and Lindsey are MAGICAL as well….. you invest SO much time in your children YOU know what makes them happy and you want them to experience it. DADDY’s like Jake and Jonathan are MAGICAL too……although it’s not their fav thing to do….they are your strength, they go because they want to protect you and the kiddos! —-carry on my friend, carry on!

    • Thanks, Kandi! Yes, Lindsey and I have had several Disney conversations lately! I can’t wait to hear about Macauley’s reaction when she meets her:)

  5. Judianne says:

    I love that you enjoyed it so much! My 95 year old father is a Disney Legend who created so many of those great experiences. He loves seeing pictures of kids enjoying the parks, the characters, the animation. Never too early!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Disney … so your posts are not helping my desire to get back there at all! My husband is not a big fan. We’ve been twice now, and he says from here on out I’m on my own! Fine by me 🙂

    I think going to Disney is like any other big vacation – you have to plan it around your own family’s personality and preferences. Personally, I had a rule that we wouldn’t go to Disney until my kids met 3 criteria: they were potty-trained, they didn’t need a nap, and they could get through the day without a stroller. But that’s just me – I knew my own limits and patience and knew that *I* wouldn’t enjoy the trip if I had to deal with those things. If I was stressed or irritated, then no amount of Disney magic would rub off on me, and my kid’s experience of Disney would suffer for it. However, I know lots of people who take very young kids to Disney and have the time of their lives! So glad you guys had a good time.

  7. Monica Davis says:

    Allison these are precious memories! Can’t believe the boldness of some people!!! Nerve!!!
    So loved Jake’s challenge, but he was standing and YOU were walking! You are the “bomb”!! Love going on these adventures though through virtual!!

  8. I love this post! I’m a huge Disney fan! We took our kids 2 years ago when they were 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 and we loved it. We are going back in October and although our youngest won’t remember every single detail, I sure will!

  9. Brian Tesoroni says:

    Love the post! I have a girl that’s almost 2 and we brought her when she was 1 and a half. We had alot of people tell us the same thing and at times it bothered us but When we got there she LOVED IT! I couldn’t put her down fast enough when she saw a character.. she ran right up to the. She will not remember Disney just like I don’t remember going when I was 5 but I will remember how happy she was every day we were there.

    • Brian, yes, isn’t it amazing how much the little ones enjoy it! And, I don’t remember trips when I was 5 either, so why not take them while they’re young (and free! hah!) to enjoy!

  10. Joe, Joye & Ben says:

    Cling to the MAGIC & enjoy life as much as you can! Celebrate everyday & forget the neighsayers. Love you guys.

  11. We took our daughter, Gabby when she was 3 months old. We heard all of the comments about not remembering her trip, but we loved seeing her reaction to the Tiki Room and It’s a Small World. We also knew it would be her first of many visits, because we are DVC members…and we are blessed to be able to take her twice a year. Gabby is now 6, and when we left Disney headed home on Saturday, she cried to stay. Every time we go something else is her favorite, but it’s always a magical trip…and we wouldn’t trade that for anything!!!

    • Oh, I’m jealous of your bi-annual trips! I’ll have to work on persuading Jacob to joining the DVC! Poor, Gabby! at least she knows she will be heading back there soon! And yes, there’s always magic at Disney!

  12. Frankie Wofford says:

    Enjoyed your story here. Chuckled a few times. Sounds like sweet times. Thanks for sharing.