Strawberry Pickin’


Last week our little family took a trip to Washington Farms to pick strawberries. My kiddos eat them by the cartons on the daily and I knew this would be a fun (and useful) family outing they would enjoy. If you are in North East Georgia, Washington Farms is located near Athens and it is definitely worth a visit. We found this little gem last fall during a field trip with Luke’s preschool class. They went to pick pumpkins, but as soon as I saw their flier about strawberries, I wrote it on my mental to-do list to make sure we came back in the Spring.

IMG_3567The berries were $12 for a gallon bucket and let me tell you, they tasted NOTHING like the berries that you buy at the grocery. They were amazing! Of course, doesn’t everything taste better straight from the farm. You weren’t allowed to eat them while picking, but it was SO tempting! The kids had so much fun picking the berries and they each had their own strategy. Luke would search and search for the biggest ones and Lyla would pick all of them she could find, even the bright green itty bitty ones.

IMG_3596Washington Farms also grows blueberries and blackberries that will be ready for picking later this Spring and Summer. We can’t wait to go back for more!

IMG_3599This picture makes me laugh… I had Lyla Rae in her strawberry appliqued dress with her bonnet because that just seemed like perfectnstrawberry picking attire and Luke, well, he was wearing all black Nike dri-fit gear. Boys and their clothes. Oh well, thankful for my girl to dress up! People are always asking me how I get her to keep her bonnets on and she actually likes them. She asks for her “princess hat” when it’s sunny, but to get her to wear them all the time, I just give her the option. If she wants to be outside, she has to wear her bonnet. She always chooses to be outside and the battle is over. Not only do I ADORE the way it looks on her, it provides excellent sun protection for my blonde haired, blue eyed princess.

IMG_8721After we picked two gallon buckets full of berries, we treated ourselves to homemade strawberry ice cream at the farm. It.was.awesome. I mean, I’m sure I burned off plenty of calories chasing kiddos up and down the rows of berries, right?

On the way home I researched how to make strawberry jam and we stopped by the grocery to grab the ingredients. The only thing I needed to buy was Sure-jell and sugar. My gracious, I didn’t know how much sugar was in jam. Guess that’s why it’s so yummy! I used the recipe right off the back of the yellow Sure-Jell Box and it worked perfectly on the first try. I don’t like “lumps” of berries in my jam, so I blended the berries to a puree to prep them and it worked great. Below are the results of my first shot at jam. Luke had one taste and proudly said, “Mom, it tastes just like the stuff you buy at the store!” Hah! Not exactly the response I was looking for, but I think he was amazed that I didn’t screw it up!



  1. Looks like you had all the fields all to yourselves! So much fun making family memories. Fresh strawberries are so yummy…our Maryland berries won’t be ready to the end of May.

  2. The words of a five year old are so precious!

  3. Looks like fun