Sunday Scripture + Weekend Wrap Up + Valentine’s Day Wish List

Follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19

ABC Scripture F


Well, as I mentioned on Wednesday our little family has been on the go this week! We had quite a bit of downtime in January and now we are entering our “travel phase” of the off-season. We don’t get to travel much during the season, so we have to cram all of our travel into a two month span. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the planning, packing, calling, list making and organizing that comes with our trips, but I was reminded this week by a post by Lysa Terkeurst: I am managing blessings. Isn’t that so true? While I am a little overwhelmed with my lengthy to do list and quick turn around between trips and some days I feel like our house is more of a landing pad than our home, I wouldn’t change a bit of it. Everything that is overwhelming me right now is a blessing.

We started off our week with a long weekend trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to celebrate my parents turning 60. Their birthdays are a week apart in November, but this was the first chance that our whole family could get away to celebrate. The weather was just glorious – in the 60’s and sunny for the entire trip! We hiked, went snow tubing, rode go-karts, ate, shopped and laughed a lot. My parents are amazing and help us out SO much so we were so glad we got to celebrate their special days (even if it was three months late).


The girls (minus Lucy) hiking in Gatlinburg in short sleeves in February… I’ll take it!


Happy 60th Birthday to the two “Big Kids”!



My parents may have turned 60 but they still know how to have fun – especially when the grandbabies are involved!


On Tuesday, we had a Valentine’s Party at our house. Luke is a preschool drop out so I wanted him to get in on all the V-day fun too! Lyla had her 6 month check up Tuesday as well. She is a big, healthy girl! We delayed her shots until tomorrow because we were traveling. I am NOT looking forward to them. I know the whole vaccine debate is strong right now… we made a decision to vaccinate before Luke was born and we are sticking with it!

If you’ve seen my 30 in 30 list, you know that I hope to break ground on our new home soon. This house will be our “forever home” and will be built on a farm we bought last year. The land has been in the Tamme family since 1910 and we could not be more excited to carry on the tradition. Nearly two years ago we fell in love with a picture of a house online and after a little research, we found the architect that built the home. We had a few chats with the architect, Peter Archer, and soon after we knew he was the right person to design our forever home. We knew we were only going to build once and we want to make sure everything is just how we want it. I had NO idea that building a house was such an intense and time consuming job! Wow! But, again, while it can be somewhat stressful, its just managing blessings!

Our house is going to be in the style of an old Pennsylvania stone farm house and since we had never really seen one in person, we decided that we should probably see one with our own eyes before we break ground. So, last week we made the decision to make a last minute visit to West Chester, Pennsylvania to meet with Peter and his staff and see some of the homes that share similar characteristics to our future home. We are SO glad we went! We had NO clue how many different types of stone there are… can you say overwhelmed? We spent the day looking at homes and making revisions to our blueprints. It was a great, but long day!


Peter and Jacob spent a LOT of time talking about proportions and lines on the homes. I think we wore Peter out with all of our questions, comments, critiques and ponderings. Hah! Jacob definitely wants to know all the details and I just kept saying… “Let’s build that one! I love it!” Hah! Brains vs. Emotion!

At the end of our quick 48 hour trip, we came home with lots of ideas, a new excitement for our home and a half ton of stone in the back of our pick-up truck. I had no idea so few stones could weigh SO much!


So, as you know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Since we had been traveling, we didn’t really do gifts for each other, but we did get the kids a gift each. However, if we did get gifts, the picture below would be our wish list!

Valentine's Day Family Wish List
Jacob is in desperate need of new sunglasses since he left his in Denver. Luke is getting a new movie to watch on our flight to Orlando on Saturday and The 101 Dalmations was just released from the Disney vault, so it was a natural choice for him. Lyla got a Bennet’s Bonnet from Beaufort Bonnets. It is sold out now, but all the proceeds from them went to a sweet little girl who has cancer. As for my wish list – how perfect is this sweatshirt for me? I say “Bless your heart” ALL the time and would love to wear this around. And, since it’s my blog, I can put two items on my wish list – I would LOVE to have a Dyson Slim so I can get rid of the mountain of crumbs that live under my kitchen table.
What did you get for Valentine’s Day or what did you wish you had gotten?