Sunday Scriptures

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.40.01 PMIf I’m being honest, I must say I had never really heard this verse before. I’ve read it before, but never really studied it. So when I saw this verse for the week, I had to do a little back reading and a little digging to determine the context and how I should apply it to my life.

In this verse sometimes quietness is interpreted as peace and trust can be interpreted as “confidence in God”. To me, those words make more sense. Of course, this week is the letter Q in the ABC Scriptures so the verse starts with “Quietness”, but I like to read it like this:

“Peace and confidence in God is my strength.” Isaiah 30:15

So, however you choose to memorize this verse, it’s a wonderful verse to recite in moments of weakness. Actually, it would be a great way to start every day!

Happy Sunday!




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