Sunday Scriptures

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This verse sounds really nice and warm and fuzzy when you read it. But we should probably remind ourselves of verse 11 and the entire context – it says we are to “rejoice and be glad” when others 1) insult 2) persecute and 3) utter untrue things about us because of Jesus. When these things happen, our first instinct is usually not to be super glad. But Jesus says we should. Why?

Two reasons: 1) Because the approval of others is not our reward. The over-arching theme of our life is not to gain the approval of people, but of God. Is it nice when others approve of us? Sure it is. But it’s not our focus. Heaven is our reward. And 2) Because the same things happened to him. And to the prophets before him. So those of us who believe in Jesus Christ and find ourselves facing persecution have company. There is comfort to be found in the strength of the many great saints who have come before us – “for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

When things seem bad… Rejoice and be Glad!

– Jacob