Sunday Scriptures

Romans 1221

After weeks like last week, where fear seems to be the overriding emotion and evil seems to prevail, this verse speaks to me. Our family stopped watching the news in August in order to curb the fear and anxiety it was inciting. It’s not that I want to be immune from the hurt that is happening around the world (although sometimes I do). It’s the fact that I do not want to be overcome by the fear of evil. And honestly, Jacob and I were tired of Luke having to watch it and become fearful. He started asking questions about what he saw on the news and we weren’t comfortable with the conversations that needed to follow. We still keep up with national and world events through online news outlets, so we aren’t completely out of touch with the world. I’m not saying it’s bad to watch the news, it was just one way that I was allowing evil to consume my mind and decided it needed to end.

We can’t single-handedly stop terrorism and it’s unlikely that we will ever stop a mass murderer, but we can overcome that evil be doing good. By loving on our neighbors, by feeding the homeless, by inviting someone to church. In a world of bad news, tell people the good news… the best news. Tell people about Jesus.


  1. Aunt Sally says:

    Athanks for the reminder Allison, Christians are suppose to do!