Sunday Scriptures

B Scripture Verse

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What a great verse to learn and commit to our hearts. To be honest, we have not been diligent in learning the verse this week. We are slacking and it’s only week 2! Perhaps it had something to do with us moving across the country this week – more on that tomorrow.

I love this verse because it is something I need as a daily reminder. Be kind, be compassionate, be forgiving. It seems easy enough, but the devil wants to get in our way of being all those things. I’m going to be writing this verse on a chalkboard in our house so we will see it often and remember that we should choose forgiveness¬†because Christ forgave us. That’s where it starts – with Christ!





  1. Great verse, thank you…I need to be reminded daily.
    Annapolis, MD

  2. Joe, Joye & Ben says:

    Thank you for the “B” verse. Can’t wait to see the other 24.