Sunday Scriptures

ABC Scripture - D

Gosh, this one is a hard one. Do everything without complaining or arguing? Everything – even washing a baby poop explosion out of a onesie? Yes, even that! God says everything and He means it. I used to be a chronic complainer until someone (Jacob) mentioned to me a few years ago that I was being very negative. At first, I was very offended and argued, yes argued, that he was wrong. However, when I started paying attention to how much I complained, I realized it really was quite often. My hair is frizzy. Our house feels cold. I don’t have anything to wear. And on and on and on I went, complaining all the day long. Now, I try to really capture my thoughts and although I may think a complaint in my head, I try not to let it seep out in to the world by coming out of my mouth. And as for arguing, Jacob and I often agree to disagree on things. This works well for us, because naturally, we both think we are right! Hah!


  1. Thank you for that reminder.
    Annapolis, MD