Sunday Scriptures


What a fitting verse for Mother’s Day! We often remind Luke of this verse when he is “not making a happy choice”. I need to be reminded of it as well. Even as an adult child, I still need to honor and respect my parents.

Speaking of parents, Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! I don’t know how Andrea and I got so lucky to have you as our mother, but I am so grateful for you! You are a selfless servant to your family and church and the best “Besta” to your grandbabies!

We just arrived back in Atlanta from a wonderful weekend in Kentucky! As always, it went by SO fast! We packed just about all we could in to 2 1/2 days. We are all exahausted, but the good kind of exhausted. The kind where you rushed from one event to another from morning til night, but you couldn’t possibly pick one to leave out! I’ll be recapping our weekend tomorrow and announcing the winner of the Children’s Book Week Giveaway!