Sunday Scriptures + I’m Back!

Well, it’s official! I’m the worst blogger. Ok, so hopefully not the worst, but definitely the most inconsistent. It’s been seven weeks since I last blogged and truth be told, I didn’t really miss it until this weekend. The week I stopped blogging, Jacob got a concussion during his game in Dallas, Lyla got hand, foot and mouth disease (y’all… miserable), and Luke had a terrible cold and cough. I was not getting any sleep (read: zombie) and was living on a prayer and daily venti lattes. The Tamme family was a mess. But, as always, nothing lasts forever and everyone is now healthy again.

However, it was in that week of my entire family being sick, I realized that no matter what is written in your planner, no matter what deadlines you have to meet, jobs you have to do, trips you have planned, or people who rely on you, when your family isn’t healthy everything stops. Especially, when when a brain injury is concerned. So, I decided to stop blogging. It just wasn’t important. That week turned into weeks and eventually, I just forgot about it altogether.

Honestly, I realized this morning while listening to the sermon at church that God used that break to help me realize I was being prideful about this little ole blog. The sermon was, of course, on pride and although the preacher didn’t call me out by name, I knew he was speaking to me. Several of my posts in September had been shared dozens of times (which makes me laugh in hindsight because it was so incredibly paltry compared to the big bloggers I read), some local media members had mentioned my blog on twitter and I received praise for what I had written. I had become prideful.

Pride is a weird thing. The Bible makes it clear that pride is a sin, but after leaving the service, what was the very first thing I said to Luke when I picked him up from his class? “Baby, look at your Bible verse! I’m so proud of you!” Face.palm. It was then I came to the conclusion that this whole pride thing was a tough one. One I needed to work on. I am so proud of Luke and his work. I’m proud of Jacob when he steps out on the field each Sunday. I’m proud of Lyla when she sits down in her chair after I tell her 1.5 million times that “chairs are for sitting not standing.” I’m proud of myself when I drive by Starbucks and don’t pull in the drive-thru. Pride is hard, it’s everywhere, but it is also the doorway in which the devil enters our hearts.

The seven week break from the blog taught me that no one really cares that much about this silly blog. Not a single person asked why I wasn’t blogging. Not one. And, no this is not a cry for y’all to tell me you’ve missed me (even though I know you have, hah!), but rather a lesson learned. God used that break to teach me something and for that I am thankful. He taught me that I needed to be writing to talk about Him, for enjoyment, for the sharing of ideas, not for the amount of shares, likes and media mentions it receives.

So, that’s the long and short of my absence and return. I hope you’ll come back and read every now and then because I have a few posts I’m excited about! (See? Is that pride? Y’all, help me!)

Proverbs 11:2



  1. Blogging is such a weird thing. You want people to read or it feels like it’s a waste of time; on the other hand, it does feel prideful and vain to think about people reading.

    Glad to hear everyone is on the mend. Bob and I were both worried and sent warm thoughts and prayers y’all’s way when Jacob got injured. Between social media and Jacob’s time playing for the ‘Cats, we feel like we “know” y’all, and we always cheer for #83! 🙂

    • It is a weird thing! I’m still trying to navigate my way through my feelings towards blogging. Thank you for the prayers! We certainly covet them, especially during football season!

  2. Well I am glad you are back. I missed your blog for its real and refreshing content in a sea of “commercial” bloggers constantly spruiking, I enjoy a focus on our Lord and our family. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better, welcome back Allie!

  3. Aunt Sally says:

    Wow Allison our Sunday School lesson was on King Nebukanezzar, in Daniel verse 28….and how the king became prideful on his hanging garden. It is conflicting. Your are proud of what Luke & Lula Rae do and proud of Jacob but (there’s that word), it isn’t about all that you do. God has control!

  4. My husband and I have followed Jacob since high school and Neal Brown as well. Neal’s family are still close friends of our. I usually read the blog and have my coffee (I too LOVE coffee) and so enjoy “looking” into your family life.

    I don’t think its prideful, I call it being proud of your family.


    Thank you

    • Thanks, Diane! What a small world! I usually write while drinking coffee… in fact, I’m having a cup right now!

  5. I love your writing. I’m hoping God leads you to continue!

  6. Catherine Laswell says:

    The amount of times you said “ya’ll” in this post makes my heart happy! 🙂
    I ran into Sarah Jane the other night and was talking to her about Jacob! Us Kentuckian’s hate that he plans for the Falcons because they never air that game on the local channels here 🙁 BUT I am happy he is having the season of his lifetime! According to Sarah Jane, he’s loving it, and that’s all that matters!
    P.S. Ya’lls favorite math teacher, Ms. Laswell, says hello 🙂