Sunday Scriptures (on Monday) + Father’s Day

ABC Scriptures TDon’t you just love gifts?!? Of course I love to get gifts, but the older I get the more I enjoy giving them! Especially the really sentimental ones or the ones I just know the recipient is going to LOVE! It brings me joy to gift things to others! I think it’s my love language toward others and towards myself because giving just feels good. Have you ever given a gift that you knew the recipient would LOVE but would cost you everything you had? I know I’ve never given a gift like that. But, that’s what God did. He gave us his son. He traded his son’s life for our sins. My sins. Can you even imagine giving a gift that big, that costly? That’s why this verse is so amazing. God can imagine a gift like that because he gave it to you and me. WOW! It truly is indescribable!

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.” 2 Corinthians 9:15

We had lots of big plans for Father’s Day weekend! We were going to celebrate big with both sides of our families, but Luke came down with a vicious stomach bug on Thursday night and it derailed all of our plans. He was just pitiful but is finally making a comeback. Thank goodness, I’m so happy to have my talkative little ball of energy back to normal.

We gave Jacob his Father’s Day gifts on Sunday morning and I think he really enjoyed them! His favorite gift was his book from Luke. As you can tell by the picture, Luke was still puny on Sunday morning and Lyla was still half asleep.


Happy Father’s Day to Jake! I’m so thankful for him and his deep love for our kiddos!

Since we cancelled all of our weekend plans, I had time to tackle a project that I started in March… last March. As soon as I found out we were having a baby girl, I knew I wanted to sew her bedding. I wanted it to have lots of pink and lots of ruffles! I scoured pinterest and drew out a plan for the crib bedding of Lyla’s my dreams. It has been a labor of love to say the least. I created the teething rail cover, quilt, and bed skirt before she was born and decided to wait on the bumper and throw pillow. I knew I wouldn’t use a bumper with her as a newborn so it wasn’t necessary at the time. Well, fast forward to now and our 10 month old baby girl needs a bumper! Yes, I’ve read the articles that circled social media too, so please don’t chastise me for using one. I used a bumper as a baby and so did Jacob and Luke and we are all well and good.

While I didn’t take the time to do a full tutorial on how to sew the bumpers, I will tell you that it was super easy! I promise to post some sewing tutorials in the future, but I always get so excited to sew that I forget to stop and take pictures. The bumper was the most daunting item of the ensemble, but it turned out to be the least time consuming. I purchased bumper pad inserts found here at Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon and just followed the instructions that came with it – easy as that! Here are the finished results:
IMG_9600This is a rare sight! Lyla Rae is actually IN her crib!

IMG_9605This is how Lyla really feels about being in her crib! She prefers for Mommy to hold her in the rocking chair while we both stare at her empty crib!
At least it’s pretty to look at now!


  1. The crib bedding is beautiful! You did a wonderful job!
    Annapolis, MD

  2. It looks great! The bumper added so much didn’t it!? So proud of you and your super determination!
    love you!