Sunday Scriptures… on Wednesday!

So… I’ve been a little MIA lately on the blog, but I’ve been getting lots of family time in and right now that is what is most important to me. We took a long weekend trip to Gatlinburg with my whole family to celebrate my parents turning 60 and we are leaving on another trip very soon. Needless to say, time to blog has been at a minimum this week. However, I wanted to make sure I posted the “E” verse for the week if you are following along with the ABC scriptures.

E ABC Scriptures


Teachers encourage their students, coaches encourage their players, and parents encourage their children, but I often forget that adults need encouragement too. I know I love to be on the receiving end of encouragement – sometimes just knowing that someone else in this world thinks that I “can” is what I need to keep pushing on. Whether its finishing a race, beating cancer or just being a mom and getting through the day, sometimes we just need encouragement from others to keep going. So, encourage someone TODAY!