Sunday Scriptures + T-ball Finale

ABC Scriptures - V

John 6:47

This picture was taken at the University Club of Kentucky after the big storm blew through the Swings for Soldiers Classic. I love this verse because of the promise Jesus gives us. Luke learned a different verse this week at Vacation Bible School. This was his first year to attend and he had so much fun learning about Jesus. Their verse was Isaiah 30:21 that corresponded with LifeWay’s Journey Off the Map. Jacob and I loved hearing Luke talk about what he had learned throughout the week.

Luke also wrapped up his first sports season this week with his last t-ball game. I can not tell you how proud I am of this kid. After the first week of t-ball, Jacob and I sat down and had a serious talk about if he should even play… we might have even used that dirty word “quit” in our conversation. You see, Luke cried at the first practice and game. I’m not talking about a few tears. It was all out, scared to death crying. He was pitiful. We finally got him to sit in the dugout and I stood on the other side of the fence and held his hand throughout the game. Yes, I was that mom. I didn’t want to completely baby him, but I wanted him to feel safe and ease into this thing called organized sports. By the next game he was willingly sitting in the dugout after a little prodding and by the third game he was batting and playing in the outfield! I’m not going to lie Jacob and I both shed a few tears over him overcoming his fears.

By the end of the season, Luke was asking when his next t-ball game was and was running into the dugout to be with his teammates. My momma heart was so proud of my little guy! Now, bear with me, here comes the Luke picture overload:

IMG_0076Is there anything sweeter than cousins dressed in t-ball uniforms? These two are 17 months apart and are best friends.

IMG_0153Both of my children smiling and looking at the camera at the same time? It’s a miracle and had to be documented!

IMG_9977Luke got the game ball after his game on July 7th! He was so proud!

IMG_0167The head coach had to miss the last game, so Jacob got to fill in as the first base coach. Luke loved having his Daddy on the field and Jacob loved getting to coach. I’m not sure who had more fun!

IMG_0258The pitcher gets a LOT of action in t-ball and Luke finally got to play the position in his last game. Can you tell he took it seriously? When they said, “get your glove on the ground” he took it literally. Hah! He had his game face on the whole time!

IMG_1287_2Sweet, sweet t-ball babies! Go Reds!

IMG_0810And, in case you were wondering whose kid this was… check this out! Jacob on the left and Luke on the right at age 4. I promise I had something to do with this kid, but you sure can’t tell!


  1. Debra Thompson says:

    Glad Luke had a good experience in T-ball. it can be brutal sometimes, at least here in Laurel Co. Thanks for all the pictures.