Sunday Scriptures (Tuesday Edition)

ABC verse Y

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Well, if I keep making my Sunday Scripture post a day later each week, I will eventually have them back on Sunday, right? I’ve just been behind on lots of things lately (especially my blog), but honestly, I’m kind of enjoying not being on top of things. Luke starts school in two weeks and Jacob’s first real game is soon after that and then our life starts getting very scheduled and busy… like crazy busy. So for now, we are just enjoying our last few summer days, skipping out on chores that will get completed eventually, taking spontaneous trips to the splash park and not having a schedule. With that said, when we do have a schedule, I tend to be more productive. So, hopefully I will be blogging more… I have a few fun things planned for this fall, so stay tuned! (hint: giveaways!)

Can you believe this is the second to last verse of the ABC Scriptures? I’d be lying if I said I knew them all by heart, but I’m working on it!



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