Sunday Scriptures + Worst Blogger EVER

Hi, my name is Allison and I’m the worst blogger EVER! I really do love blogging, however, sometimes life just gets crazy busy and I don’t even have time to eat or sleep, much less blog. Since my last blog post A LOT has happened. Jacob signed a two year contract and is now playing for the Atlanta Falcons, we vacationed in Hawaii, flew to Denver and packed up our entire house in two days, drove to Atlanta and bought a house and just moved in last week. Whew. I’m tired just typing all that. All of these things are great blessings, but they can sure keep a girl busy and tired. Throw in a sweet baby girl who still doesn’t sleep through the night and you know why my face resembles a raccoon most days.  No matter how crazy, tired and unsettled life seems right now, Jacob has a great new job, our family is healthy and we are very blessed.

I’ll be blogging in more detail about what we’ve been doing the last month and promise to write more regularly! I would love to start by reigniting our family’s mission to learn the ABC scriptures. We’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon on this project, but we are ready to jump back on board!

ABC Scriptures K

My Bible study leader in Indianapolis would always ask us if we had any “wow” or “ouch” verses. Well, the verse this week is definitely an “ouch”. I interpret this verse to mean all kinds of evil, not just lies. To me, “evil” can mean gossip, slander or just using a hateful tone of voice. My mother-in-law always instructed her kids to speak more kindly by saying, “TOV” whenever she didn’t like their tone of voice. We now use that in our family as well. My goal this week is not to just keep my tongue from evil, but to use my words to be loving and encouraging in ALL circumstances… even when I don’t want to! Hah! It will certainly be a challenge, but memorizing this verse this week will be a great reminder!


  1. Linda Morin says:

    You are always kind and loving! My prayers are with your precious family, as you journey in Atlanta! God is good! 🙂