Sunday Scriptures

Our family is memorizing a set of ABC scriptures this year. There is one verse for each letter of the alphabet so by the end of the year we are hoping to have learned 26 Bible verses. We are learning one each week and I’ll be sharing them here with you each Sunday. This week’s verse just so happens to be the first Bible verse that Luke memorized. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather when Luke trotted out of Sunday school last Summer citing this verse. It was pretty much the sweetest thing I’d ever heard! I don’t know if it was just pure shock or my heart beaming with pride that made that moment so memorable. So, here we go with week 1 of memorizing the ABC scriptures, starting with A:

A scripture verse


I found this cute little printable here.

Happy Sunday!

And, of course, Happy Game Day! Go Broncos!


  1. Joe, Joye & Ben says:

    Awesome news; awesome verse. Love it & love you guys. Good Luck today & Go Broncos; Go Luke & Go Bible verses!

  2. Lynell Alvarado says:

    This is the most important thing to do with your family! We do a thing with our 6 kiddos each week called New City Catechism (sounds Catholic but it’s not). It basically just lays down the foundation of the Christian faith trough scripture memorization. There is a kid mode and adult mode so you can all benefit! I love the kid mode cause each week they have a cute song that my kiddos love to sing that is helping them learn God’s word 🙂

    • That sounds awesome, Lynell! Is it online? I’m going to have to look that up! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so fun– check out Caroline’s instagram. She has a new line of products that has proverbs 17:17!
    I love you at all times! And— its GAAAAAME DAAAAAY!!!!!!!

  4. This a great idea

    As a Saints fan………..go Broncos. We Saints just LOVE the Manning Family.


  5. Diane Voth says:

    I love this verse and your blog! Way to go Luke!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing our ” a friend loves at all times” Bible verse printable! What a wonderful plan to memorize 26 scriptures together this year! What a great foundation you are providing for your family.

    • Thanks, Holly! I found your blog through a google image search for the verse and have stopped by many times in the past week! Love your work!