Sunday Scriptures

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This is the LAST of the 26 ABC Bible verses. No, it doesn’t start with Z, but it’s from the book of Zephaniah, so it counts, right?

I love this verse because it’s a great reminder that God is *always* with us, always. No matter what! Isn’t that an awesome truth to memorize and write on your heart?

I’m trying to decide what I’ll do for my next series of Sunday Scriptures since the ABC verses are finished… any ideas? I would love to hear them!

Happy Sunday!

p.s. I wish I could give someone credit for this photo, but I can’t find a source. So, thank you to whomever owns this!

Sunday Scriptures (Monday edition)

ABC scriptures X


This ABC scripture verse is used for the letter “X” in eXalt. I love that this verse corresponded perfectly with the sermon the preacher at our new church here in Georgia preached yesterday. He reminded us that God is holy! God is not a casual God. God is not grandfather like figure that guides us. God is our all powerful, all knowing creator, redeemer and source of life! It was a punch in the gut for me, because sometimes I like to put God in a box. I tend to limit what I think God can do or how much he cares about all aspects of our lives. God is holy!

It reminds me of those shirts that are popular right now that say “Jesus is my homeboy.” I’m not calling anyone out for wearing them. I almost bought one for Luke because I thought it was cute. Of course, I had to look up the definition of homeboy and the dictionary states that a homeboy is: “a young acquaintance from one’s own town or neighborhood, or from the same social background”. I can assure you that after reading that definition, Jesus is certainly NOT anyone’s homeboy! Jesus is our Savior. He is our way to heaven. He is sinless and holy… he is NOT our homeboy.

Sunday Scriptures

ABC Scriptures - W

I often fall in to the trap of thinking I’m just a stay at home mom. I’m not teaching a classroom full of children. I’m not running a company. I’m not creating corporate budgets or marketing plans. I’m just a stay at home mom. I often feel like I’m not making an impact or that I could be doing more. I see moms all the time who “do it all” – moms who work full time, raise their kids, workout every day, have their own at-home sales business, keep their house freakishly clean. You know the kind, the super moms. Well, I must confess… I am NOT a super mom. And I can not for the life of me figure out just HOW they do it all!

Most days I barely make it until bedtime.
Most days I’m in mismatched gym clothes (with no intention of actually going to a gym) looking like a hot mess.
Most days you could feed a small army from the crumbs off my kitchen floor.
Most days you can write a novel in the layer of dust on my coffee table.
Most days I don’t find time to shower or even, heaven forbid, brush my teeth until just before bedtime.
But… most days my mornings are filled with smiles and giggles and “I love you’s” from my babies and that makes it ALL worth it.
I LOVE being a stay at home mom and feel SO incredibly blessed that I get to do it each and every day. Even though I love my job, I am still trying to grasp the fact that it is enough. Being a stay at home is enough. I’m not running a business of my own like I thought I would. No, I’m not changing the world in the ways I dreamed of. But I am changing their world – Luke and Lyla’s world.

I’m certainly not trying to stir up the whole working mom vs. stay at home mom debate. There are days when I long for a job outside my home. Days where I wish I had somewhere to get dressed up and go. I think what all moms (well, everyone really) need to remember is wherever you are, whatever you are doing… “work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for men.”

And, stop using that dirty little word “just”. You and I are not just anything. I’m just a girl from Kentucky. I’m just a football player’s wife. I’m just a mom. That “just” word is holding you back, holding me back from what I AM.

I AM a girl from Kentucky.
I AM a football player’s wife.
And I AM a mom.
We are something and whatever that it is… it is enough.

Sunday Scriptures + T-ball Finale

ABC Scriptures - V

John 6:47

This picture was taken at the University Club of Kentucky after the big storm blew through the Swings for Soldiers Classic. I love this verse because of the promise Jesus gives us. Luke learned a different verse this week at Vacation Bible School. This was his first year to attend and he had so much fun learning about Jesus. Their verse was Isaiah 30:21 that corresponded with LifeWay’s Journey Off the Map. Jacob and I loved hearing Luke talk about what he had learned throughout the week.

Luke also wrapped up his first sports season this week with his last t-ball game. I can not tell you how proud I am of this kid. After the first week of t-ball, Jacob and I sat down and had a serious talk about if he should even play… we might have even used that dirty word “quit” in our conversation. You see, Luke cried at the first practice and game. I’m not talking about a few tears. It was all out, scared to death crying. He was pitiful. We finally got him to sit in the dugout and I stood on the other side of the fence and held his hand throughout the game. Yes, I was that mom. I didn’t want to completely baby him, but I wanted him to feel safe and ease into this thing called organized sports. By the next game he was willingly sitting in the dugout after a little prodding and by the third game he was batting and playing in the outfield! I’m not going to lie Jacob and I both shed a few tears over him overcoming his fears.

By the end of the season, Luke was asking when his next t-ball game was and was running into the dugout to be with his teammates. My momma heart was so proud of my little guy! Now, bear with me, here comes the Luke picture overload:

IMG_0076Is there anything sweeter than cousins dressed in t-ball uniforms? These two are 17 months apart and are best friends.

IMG_0153Both of my children smiling and looking at the camera at the same time? It’s a miracle and had to be documented!

IMG_9977Luke got the game ball after his game on July 7th! He was so proud!

IMG_0167The head coach had to miss the last game, so Jacob got to fill in as the first base coach. Luke loved having his Daddy on the field and Jacob loved getting to coach. I’m not sure who had more fun!

IMG_0258The pitcher gets a LOT of action in t-ball and Luke finally got to play the position in his last game. Can you tell he took it seriously? When they said, “get your glove on the ground” he took it literally. Hah! He had his game face on the whole time!

IMG_1287_2Sweet, sweet t-ball babies! Go Reds!

IMG_0810And, in case you were wondering whose kid this was… check this out! Jacob on the left and Luke on the right at age 4. I promise I had something to do with this kid, but you sure can’t tell!

Sunday Scriptures (on Monday) + Father’s Day

ABC Scriptures TDon’t you just love gifts?!? Of course I love to get gifts, but the older I get the more I enjoy giving them! Especially the really sentimental ones or the ones I just know the recipient is going to LOVE! It brings me joy to gift things to others! I think it’s my love language toward others and towards myself because giving just feels good. Have you ever given a gift that you knew the recipient would LOVE but would cost you everything you had? I know I’ve never given a gift like that. But, that’s what God did. He gave us his son. He traded his son’s life for our sins. My sins. Can you even imagine giving a gift that big, that costly? That’s why this verse is so amazing. God can imagine a gift like that because he gave it to you and me. WOW! It truly is indescribable!

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.” 2 Corinthians 9:15

We had lots of big plans for Father’s Day weekend! We were going to celebrate big with both sides of our families, but Luke came down with a vicious stomach bug on Thursday night and it derailed all of our plans. He was just pitiful but is finally making a comeback. Thank goodness, I’m so happy to have my talkative little ball of energy back to normal.

We gave Jacob his Father’s Day gifts on Sunday morning and I think he really enjoyed them! His favorite gift was his book from Luke. As you can tell by the picture, Luke was still puny on Sunday morning and Lyla was still half asleep.


Happy Father’s Day to Jake! I’m so thankful for him and his deep love for our kiddos!

Since we cancelled all of our weekend plans, I had time to tackle a project that I started in March… last March. As soon as I found out we were having a baby girl, I knew I wanted to sew her bedding. I wanted it to have lots of pink and lots of ruffles! I scoured pinterest and drew out a plan for the crib bedding of Lyla’s my dreams. It has been a labor of love to say the least. I created the teething rail cover, quilt, and bed skirt before she was born and decided to wait on the bumper and throw pillow. I knew I wouldn’t use a bumper with her as a newborn so it wasn’t necessary at the time. Well, fast forward to now and our 10 month old baby girl needs a bumper! Yes, I’ve read the articles that circled social media too, so please don’t chastise me for using one. I used a bumper as a baby and so did Jacob and Luke and we are all well and good.

While I didn’t take the time to do a full tutorial on how to sew the bumpers, I will tell you that it was super easy! I promise to post some sewing tutorials in the future, but I always get so excited to sew that I forget to stop and take pictures. The bumper was the most daunting item of the ensemble, but it turned out to be the least time consuming. I purchased bumper pad inserts found here at Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon and just followed the instructions that came with it – easy as that! Here are the finished results:
IMG_9600This is a rare sight! Lyla Rae is actually IN her crib!

IMG_9605This is how Lyla really feels about being in her crib! She prefers for Mommy to hold her in the rocking chair while we both stare at her empty crib!
At least it’s pretty to look at now!

Sunday Scriptures + Social Media Break

I’ve been a bit of a slacker on the blog lately. Actually, I’ve been a bit of a slacker in life in general lately. I’m not exactly sure where all my time has gone. I seem to always be busy, always rushing, always trying to fit just one more thing in my day, but I never really seem to accomplish as much as I would like. When life gets busy, the blog is the first thing to go, but hopefully I will be better at posting more frequently. (Like I haven’t said that a million times already?!?)

Taking a social media break is on my 30 in 30 list and I had planned to take the break in the fall. However, I feel like the time is now. It’s become an unconscious habit to pick up my phone and check my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. I literally do it without even knowing it. I am addicted and I’ll be the first to admit it. My fingers swipe across my phone and I mindlessly scroll through my “friends'” thoughts, pictures and opinions. I do this so I will be connected, so I will know the latest news and see what’s going on in everyone else’s world. But, while I do this, I’m missing out on my own world! The more time I invest in my superficial social media relationships, the less time I have to invest in my REAL relationships with people I dearly love. I find myself being jealous, bitter and even angry over the things others post. I’ve got to reel in my bad habits and nip them in the bud! So, starting today I will be done with social media for a while. I’m not going to put a number of days on it because I don’t know how long I will need to break my habit. I will continue to write on here and will be posting my new blog entries on Facebook and Twitter, but I will only be doing so through WordPress. So, if you leave me a comment on either of those sites, I won’t see it. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little sad about my break up with social media. I love seeing pictures of everyone’s kids and I love to shop on social media as well, but overall, I’m excited to get rid of the unnecessary distraction!

ABC Scriptures S

These verses always seem to be so fitting for me each week. This is actually last week’s verse, but I’m behind on sharing, so this verse gets to be our focus for two weeks. I’m hoping that by nixing social media from my daily activities it will allow me more time to set my mind on things above!

We are so very excited that this is the last week of off season training for Jacob and he will be home in Kentucky with us for five glorious weeks! This will be the longest the four of us have ever been together and we couldn’t be more excited!

I would love to know your thoughts on social media. Love it? Hate it? Addicted to it like I am? One of my best friends recently told me she thought social media was going to be the downfall of society. I’m thinking she might be right! Hah!

Happy Sunday!


Sunday Scriptures

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.40.01 PMIf I’m being honest, I must say I had never really heard this verse before. I’ve read it before, but never really studied it. So when I saw this verse for the week, I had to do a little back reading and a little digging to determine the context and how I should apply it to my life.

In this verse sometimes quietness is interpreted as peace and trust can be interpreted as “confidence in God”. To me, those words make more sense. Of course, this week is the letter Q in the ABC Scriptures so the verse starts with “Quietness”, but I like to read it like this:

“Peace and confidence in God is my strength.” Isaiah 30:15

So, however you choose to memorize this verse, it’s a wonderful verse to recite in moments of weakness. Actually, it would be a great way to start every day!

Happy Sunday!



Sunday Scriptures + Worst Blogger EVER

Hi, my name is Allison and I’m the worst blogger EVER! I really do love blogging, however, sometimes life just gets crazy busy and I don’t even have time to eat or sleep, much less blog. Since my last blog post A LOT has happened. Jacob signed a two year contract and is now playing for the Atlanta Falcons, we vacationed in Hawaii, flew to Denver and packed up our entire house in two days, drove to Atlanta and bought a house and just moved in last week. Whew. I’m tired just typing all that. All of these things are great blessings, but they can sure keep a girl busy and tired. Throw in a sweet baby girl who still doesn’t sleep through the night and you know why my face resembles a raccoon most days.  No matter how crazy, tired and unsettled life seems right now, Jacob has a great new job, our family is healthy and we are very blessed.

I’ll be blogging in more detail about what we’ve been doing the last month and promise to write more regularly! I would love to start by reigniting our family’s mission to learn the ABC scriptures. We’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon on this project, but we are ready to jump back on board!

ABC Scriptures K

My Bible study leader in Indianapolis would always ask us if we had any “wow” or “ouch” verses. Well, the verse this week is definitely an “ouch”. I interpret this verse to mean all kinds of evil, not just lies. To me, “evil” can mean gossip, slander or just using a hateful tone of voice. My mother-in-law always instructed her kids to speak more kindly by saying, “TOV” whenever she didn’t like their tone of voice. We now use that in our family as well. My goal this week is not to just keep my tongue from evil, but to use my words to be loving and encouraging in ALL circumstances… even when I don’t want to! Hah! It will certainly be a challenge, but memorizing this verse this week will be a great reminder!

Sunday Scriptures

ABC Scriptures H


…He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

I love the verse this week because it’s such an amazing promise. The God of the universe, the creator of all things, the giver of life cares about me? Wow! At first I found this so hard to believe. How could God care about little ole me? But as I’ve grown older, I do wholeheartedly believe that God cares about me… and you, and all of his creation.

I often found myself not praying about things that were important to me, trivial things that I didn’t think were “big” enough for God to deal with. Well, you know what? If I care about it, then He cares about it, because He loves me. So, no matter how small, no matter how trivial or silly, take your cares to God because He cares for YOU!

As you can tell, the blog has been a little slow lately. We’ve been in Disney and are settling back into normal life before we leave on our next trip. I promise to have several Disney re-cap posts about my race, our trip and Disney tips and tricks this week!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Scripture + Weekend Wrap Up + Valentine’s Day Wish List

Follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19

ABC Scripture F


Well, as I mentioned on Wednesday our little family has been on the go this week! We had quite a bit of downtime in January and now we are entering our “travel phase” of the off-season. We don’t get to travel much during the season, so we have to cram all of our travel into a two month span. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the planning, packing, calling, list making and organizing that comes with our trips, but I was reminded this week by a post by Lysa Terkeurst: I am managing blessings. Isn’t that so true? While I am a little overwhelmed with my lengthy to do list and quick turn around between trips and some days I feel like our house is more of a landing pad than our home, I wouldn’t change a bit of it. Everything that is overwhelming me right now is a blessing.

We started off our week with a long weekend trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to celebrate my parents turning 60. Their birthdays are a week apart in November, but this was the first chance that our whole family could get away to celebrate. The weather was just glorious – in the 60’s and sunny for the entire trip! We hiked, went snow tubing, rode go-karts, ate, shopped and laughed a lot. My parents are amazing and help us out SO much so we were so glad we got to celebrate their special days (even if it was three months late).


The girls (minus Lucy) hiking in Gatlinburg in short sleeves in February… I’ll take it!


Happy 60th Birthday to the two “Big Kids”!



My parents may have turned 60 but they still know how to have fun – especially when the grandbabies are involved!


On Tuesday, we had a Valentine’s Party at our house. Luke is a preschool drop out so I wanted him to get in on all the V-day fun too! Lyla had her 6 month check up Tuesday as well. She is a big, healthy girl! We delayed her shots until tomorrow because we were traveling. I am NOT looking forward to them. I know the whole vaccine debate is strong right now… we made a decision to vaccinate before Luke was born and we are sticking with it!

If you’ve seen my 30 in 30 list, you know that I hope to break ground on our new home soon. This house will be our “forever home” and will be built on a farm we bought last year. The land has been in the Tamme family since 1910 and we could not be more excited to carry on the tradition. Nearly two years ago we fell in love with a picture of a house online and after a little research, we found the architect that built the home. We had a few chats with the architect, Peter Archer, and soon after we knew he was the right person to design our forever home. We knew we were only going to build once and we want to make sure everything is just how we want it. I had NO idea that building a house was such an intense and time consuming job! Wow! But, again, while it can be somewhat stressful, its just managing blessings!

Our house is going to be in the style of an old Pennsylvania stone farm house and since we had never really seen one in person, we decided that we should probably see one with our own eyes before we break ground. So, last week we made the decision to make a last minute visit to West Chester, Pennsylvania to meet with Peter and his staff and see some of the homes that share similar characteristics to our future home. We are SO glad we went! We had NO clue how many different types of stone there are… can you say overwhelmed? We spent the day looking at homes and making revisions to our blueprints. It was a great, but long day!


Peter and Jacob spent a LOT of time talking about proportions and lines on the homes. I think we wore Peter out with all of our questions, comments, critiques and ponderings. Hah! Jacob definitely wants to know all the details and I just kept saying… “Let’s build that one! I love it!” Hah! Brains vs. Emotion!

At the end of our quick 48 hour trip, we came home with lots of ideas, a new excitement for our home and a half ton of stone in the back of our pick-up truck. I had no idea so few stones could weigh SO much!


So, as you know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Since we had been traveling, we didn’t really do gifts for each other, but we did get the kids a gift each. However, if we did get gifts, the picture below would be our wish list!

Valentine's Day Family Wish List
Jacob is in desperate need of new sunglasses since he left his in Denver. Luke is getting a new movie to watch on our flight to Orlando on Saturday and The 101 Dalmations was just released from the Disney vault, so it was a natural choice for him. Lyla got a Bennet’s Bonnet from Beaufort Bonnets. It is sold out now, but all the proceeds from them went to a sweet little girl who has cancer. As for my wish list – how perfect is this sweatshirt for me? I say “Bless your heart” ALL the time and would love to wear this around. And, since it’s my blog, I can put two items on my wish list – I would LOVE to have a Dyson Slim so I can get rid of the mountain of crumbs that live under my kitchen table.
What did you get for Valentine’s Day or what did you wish you had gotten?