42 Easy Steps to Take your Children to the Pool

This Is How We Do It: Pool Days

Pool babies

These two were the inspiration behind the 42 Easy Steps to Take Your Children to the Pool

By now, pools across the country have opened and the summer swim season is in full swing. This is my first summer with two kiddos and I have taken them to the pool (and the beach) by myself a handful of times this month. Let me tell you, there is a BIG difference between taking one child to the pool and two children. And as for you mothers of 3+ children… HOW DO YOU SURVIVE?!?!

Just in case you need a a few tips on taking your children to the pool, I’ve devised an easy to follow how-to:

42 Easy Steps to Take your Children to the Pool

1. Decide to go to the pool.
2. Dress preschooler in swim trunks. Then undress and redress him because they “feel funny.”
3. Help preschooler put on sandals. Of note: Allow at least 25 minutes for step 3.
4. Dress baby girl in swimsuit with regular diaper, keeping in mind you will need to change her to a swim
diaper upon arrival at the pool.
5. Find baby girl’s matching bow, sandals, and cover-up and wiggle her into all three items.
6. Pack the pool bag with towels, swim diapers, sunscreen, and toys.
7. Prepare snacks for the kids: sliced apples and strawberries, dry cheerios and bottled water.
8. Throw cookies in to a baggie as a replacement snack at the whiny request of the preschooler.
9. Change into your swimsuit while holding baby girl because she will cry if she is placed on the floor for more
than 7 seconds.
10. Locate preschooler in the playroom and notice he is naked because his swim trunks “feel funny”.
11. Repeat steps 2 and 3 while holding baby girl.
12. Load children, pool bag, floatation devices and purse in to the car.
13. Realize you forgot the baby’s sunhat.
14. Race upstairs to get sunhat while hoping your preschooler doesn’t learn how to unbuckle his carseat and
start the car in the 30 seconds you leave them unsupervised in the car.
15. Drive to the pool while mentally reviewing if you packed everything you will need for the pool.
16. Park your car and unload purse, flotation devices, pool bag and children.
17. Enter pool area while carrying your baby, pool bag, floatation devices and purse while attempting to
wrangle your preschooler from the pool’s edge, while repeating, “Please stay next to Mommy!” at
increasing decibels.
18. Find a lounge chair that is in the shade so that the children won’t get too much sun.
19. Unload bags and take off baby’s cover up, sandals, matching bow and diaper.
20. Change baby into swim diaper while repeatedly saying to preschooler “Please stay away from the pool!” at
increasing decibels.
21. Redress baby in swimsuit, matching bow and sandals.
22. Ask yourself why you didn’t just bring a naked baby to the pool.
23. Slather sunscreen on both children while they act like you are covering them with screaming hot acid.
24. Secure children in floatation devices and enter the shallow end of the pool.
25. Frolic in the frigid water for approximately 6 minutes.
26. Preschooler declares to everyone in attendance at the pool that he needs to “pee right now”.
27. Drag children out of the pool and run like crazy while carrying your baby girl in her floatation device to
the bathroom.
28. Realize that you are entering a public restroom without shoes on and pray you don’t contract some nasty
foot fungus.
29. Peel wet swim trunks off preschooler just in time for preschooler to “pee right now”.
30. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
31. Leave restroom and decide the kids should eat their snacks now while you are already out of the pool.
32. Lay beach towel out for baby girl to sit on and eat cheerios and lay towel on beach chair for preschooler to eat his apple slices cookies on.
33. Glance up at the clock and realize that it is almost nap time.
34. Decide that time is of the essence and in order to avoid “melt down city” you must leave the pool NOW.
35. Walk around the pool deck gathering up all of the pool toys while holding your baby girl and instructing
your preschooler to “Please stay away from the pool!” at increasing decibels.
36. Pack up the pool bag, floatation devices and purse and carry them out while holding your baby girl and
wrangling your preschooler towards the parking while he screams, “I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to
take a nap. I’m not tired.”
37. Put the pool bag, floatation devices and purse in the car and secure children in their car seats.
38. Begin the drive home.
39. Children fall asleep in the carseats before you pull out of the parking lot.
40. Arrive home. Park in the garage, roll the windows down and turn off car. Leave the door to the house
cracked so you can hear them if they wake up.
41. Turn on Keurig and brew a cup of coffee because you know that when they wake up they will ask to go
back to the pool.
42. Enjoy your 15 minutes of peace and quiet while drinking coffee. You’re going to need to save up your
energy to repeat steps 1-40 tomorrow.

Luke at neighborhood pool

Luke is finally gaining confidence and independence in the pool! He picked out this Tadpool brand float and it’s been a game changer!

As I mentioned, last week I traveled to Watercolor, Florida with both kiddos by myself for Lyla to do a photo shoot. What was I thinking?!? It actually wasn’t too bad, except for the drive home where it was pouring rain, Lyla was screaming and Luke was screaming at her to stop screaming! Shoo, that’s a six hour period of my life that I don’t ever wish to repeat.


Lyla Rae playing in (and eating large amounts of) sand!



The water was chilly, but it didn’t stop Luke from jumping the waves!

I would love to hear your tips for taking your children to the pool! What works best for you and what items are must-haves for pool days?

Summer Bucket List

While it’s not “officially” Summer until Memorial Day, (Well, actually it’s not official until June 21st, but seriously, no one really starts Summer then!) we are having the unofficial start today because the pool opens! I was a life guard at a community pool for six summers and the pool always opened on Memorial Day weekend. However, in Georgia pools open earlier and we are excited to get a jump on our pool time!

Like most of us, I’m a creature of habit. I usually find us spending our days playing legos, reading books, baking and running errands with a weekly trip to the library. However, I want Summer to be fun! I want it to be different. When I was growing up, my mom was a teacher and had Summers off. She always had fun things for us to do and it was magical! I want to share that same fun, Summer spirit with Luke and have it be different than the rest of the year.

To make sure we don’t fall in to our normal routine, I made a Summer Bucket List for our family. Of course I made a list; I’m the list queen! Jacob may or may not have rolled his eyes when I asked him to contribute to said list. He’s more of a “fly by the seat of his pants” kind of guy which compliments my love of list making quite well. So, Luke and I had a little brainstorm session and came up with 19 activities we want to do this summer. I’m not going to stress out about getting these items marked off, although I do love to cross things off a list! I just want to have a list of fun things to do when we start getting stuck in a routine this Summer.Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.59.46 AM

You can definitely tell which items I added: learn Mommy’s phone number and Summer reading program, and which items Luke added: bake cookies, have a sleepover with cousins and go fishing. What’s on your Summer Bucket List?