Sunday Scriptures



Gosh, it’s been a while since I posted a Sunday Scripture! I started off my blog in 2014 with the ABC scriptures every Sunday and I just realized that when they were over, these posts fizzled out. Well, now that Luke is in Kindergarten, his class is memorizing a verse each week and I’m memorizing them with him. Romans 12:21 is his verse for this week and it’s a great reminder for our family.

When I first read this verse way back when, I immediately shrugged it off because surely I had never been evil. Evil is a term that is reserved for the lowest of low. When I think of evil, Hitler comes to mind, not anyone that I know. So, to make things a little more applicable, I changed this verse to say, “Do not be overcome with jealousy, but overcome jealousy with good.” Whoa! Well, that certainly changes things, doesn’t it? Or what about “Do not be overcome with fear, but overcome fear with good.” Or even, “Do not be overcome with lies, but overcome lies with good.”

I’m not one to go changing God’s word, each word in the Bible is meaningful, purposeful and God breathed. However, when I start exchanging real life “evils” into this verse, it suddenly becomes real, convicting, motivating and encouraging.

Let’s all try to overcome evil with a little more good this week!

Happy Sunday, y’all!