You Can Call Me Ned

Jacob and I walked into my oncologist’s office this morning and I was a ball of nerves. This appointment meant cancer or no cancer. Another round of radiation and isolation for ten days or freedom from molecular scans and the LID for three years. There was a LOT riding on this appointment.

My doctor walked in and nonchalantly said, “Well, you’re good girl.” Umm… “What?!? Like, I’m good, good? Like cancer free good?”

After ear-to-ear smiles, high fives, and giddy chatter (along with all the necessary medical junk), I left the office with a new name… Ned. No Evidence of Disease! Praise the Lord.

IMG_6347Sorry for the blurry picture, but Jacob snapped this as I was literally *running* out of the office yelling “wooooooooooo!”

And just like that, I had a peace that is hard to come by as a cancer fighter. The peace of knowing that for the moment I was victorious over this wretched disease. The worry muscle in my brain can rest in knowing that there is no evidence of cancer in my body. I will rest well tonight, but I know there are many that are still fighting and that breaks my heart. I pray that each of them get their NED designation soon.


  1. Praise the Lord!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Lord!

  3. Dawn Hastings says:

    God is good!!!!!!

  4. Becky Gash says:

    So happy for this news! Thank You, Lord!!

  5. Karen Sather Hoskins says:

    WoNDerFuL news! ☝

  6. Yay!! God is *so* good!

  7. Soooo glad to hear this! Blessed indeed.

  8. So happy for you and the rest of the world that loves YOU ! God IS good!