You Can’t Win Them All

Losing is never easy, and Sunday’s game was no different. I was teary before the game started because I knew it might be our last game at Mile High Stadium, win or lose. The anthem was just beautiful, the crowd was electric and the roar of the pre-game fly over gives me chills every time. You see, Jacob will be a free agent this year and we don’t know where this crazy business will have him playing next season.


Waiting for the game to start with my little buddy


Player introductions on the jumbotron


Dealing with “lasts”is hard. You want to just soak it in and remember everything so you won’t ever forget what it was like. It reminds me of my senior year of high school, which was full of “lasts”. But Sunday’s game was an uncertain “last”. We may be back, we may not. That’s the nature of the business. So, after the game Luke and I were down on the field walking towards the tunnel. We stopped to take one last picture and I knelt down beside him and put my face next to his. I said, “Baby, soak it in. Look at the lights, see what they look like? Look at the scoreboard, see how big it is? Feel the grass, this is where Daddy played! We might not be back here, so just take one last look around.” I was saying this all to him, but really it was for me. So I could intentionally stop, take it all in, and remember.

This pic was taken right before Luke and I had our talk about taking it all in


Huddling up during warm-ups


Jake lining up at fullback before going in motion


After the game, I found several wives and girlfriends and gave them hugs and we said our goodbyes. It’s always so awkward because these people who you’ve shared joy and pain with, who’ve prayed for you, who’ve been in this crazy NFL world with you in an instant can just be… gone. Even as a wife, a big loss, especially a season ending loss, makes it seem as if life is just crashing down. It’s just over. Done with. There is no more – until next year. But next year, even if we stay in Denver, it won’t be the same. Different coaches, different players, different friends. We will never have *that* team again. Oh sure, we will keep in touch through social media and texting, but it won’t ever be the same. While it is so sad, and boy did we cry some ugly tears, we have so many blessings! As one wife said as I hugged her goodbye, “You know what? What do we have to complain about? We are going home to healthy babies and healthy husbands!” She was SO right!

Friends, teammates, Bible study partners, and all around just two great guys… in my opinion!


Post game prayer circle at midfield

Once Jacob left the locker room, we walked out of the tunnel and stood in the parking lot and just stared at the stadium taking it all in. All he said was, “It was fun.” Gosh, it sure was!

Last post game pic of the year of our fam (minus Lyla)

We spent most of yesterday packing everything we could into a u-haul trailer to begin the trek back to Kentucky. We are sad to leave Denver (even though we may be back), but could not be more excited to be going back home!

Leaving the tunnel: Luke with his Granddaddy and Aunt SJ

Tonight we will have a little farewell dinner with some of our teammates and friends and I’m sure we will cry more ugly tears, but in the end it’s all just a blessing! The wins. The losses. The tears and frustrations. The friendships that will grow stale, but hopefully not. It’s all part of this awesome journey God chose us to be on and we are choosing to enjoy the ride!


Miss Lyla didn’t make it to the game, but I couldn’t leave her out!


  1. Oh my goodness, Allison. That is such a beautiful perspective. Y’all have a gorgeous family and such a strong foundation in what really matters. Sending happy thoughts for a great “what’s next” for you all!

  2. Monica Davis says:

    Allison you had me tearing up! So glad you are enjoying the ride! God bless abd thanks for sharing the ride with all of us! You, my dear, are a precious young lady!

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    We love you Allison. The Tamme’s have demonstrated how hold onto “who you really are”. Doodle and I are anxious to see who our NFL team is next season:)

  4. Oh gosh! Made me tear up! Have fun going home!sa

  5. I am loving your blog!! So neat to hear your perspective!

  6. So many people forget that there are people under those helmets. I have enjoyed knowing and working with Jake during his playing days here. Have a safe trip and we can only hope that you all return to Denver in 2015.

  7. Shirley Steagall says:

    you really brought it all home to those who arre not in your situstion.Thank you for sharing from your heart the honesty of the pain and the joyof being an NFL family. I am so proud of who you are and what you stand for not to mention all that you have done in your personal lives and professional lives. I love you dearly

  8. Kandi Stephens says:

    Tears here! You are beautiful! Sharing your heart cannot be easy! God is in control! Hugs and Kisses!

  9. Amy Stults says:

    Beautifully written, and what an amazing perspective. Blessings!

  10. Regina Chacon says:

    Hi Allison its Gina your trashgirl 🙂 I wanted to wish u and ur fam lots of love and hugs. It has been an honor to have known u n getting to c Luke grow up. I sure am gonna miss seeing him on wed mornings. U all hold a special place in my heart. God bless u all and wishing u all much success!

  11. Barbara Shelton says:

    Good luck in the next adventure even though I don’t know you personally I feel as if I do thru knowing Pam, Sandra, Libby and family. You have a beautiful family and this was so well said.

  12. Aunt Sally says:

    Great blog, thanks for sharing. Safe travels to bluegrass state!

  13. Great season! Thanks for everything Tammes! Hope you’re back in Denver next year, if not, good luck wherever you go!

  14. Such a beautiful post! Thank you for you and your husband being such good role models on and off the field. Can I be a bit selfish and wish for a trip back to Indy? Just think how much closer to home that is 🙂